Research on Plurilingual Competence Development

Research overview

The main scientific research fields of the cluster are research in plurilingualism and multilingualism as well as plurilingual pedagogy, aiming at revealing the major language acquisition, learning and teaching tendencies in today’s linguistically and culturally diverse societies and educational institutions, which have become closer due to processes of globalisation. The researchers of the cluster also contribute to the theoretical and practical development of language competencies, ensuring more rapid and efficient integration of language learners and users into various work areas related to international communication.

The scientific research activity of the cluster’s scholars and its dissemination in scientific and academic publications and events, through the publication of the scientific journal Sustainable Multilingualism ( and organising international conferences (, through partnerships with foreign higher education institutions in implementing mutually beneficial scientific research projects serve as means for the development of language policy, theory of plurilingual pedagogy and allow applying research findings in practical educational activity.

Main researchers