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The idea of Transform4Europe is simple yet ambitious: working together to make the difference, reacting to the changing needs of our immediate environment and the world.

Therefore, T4E partners have committed to systematically implement the changes in all fields of their institutions and use their best practice to pursue positive transformations in comprehensive and innovative ways that none of the individual members of the consortium could achieve alone.

Being a T4E European University means new opportunities for the entire university community and the region in which it operates:

  • new inter-disciplinary and international study programmes
  • innovative teaching and learning environments
  • new models of mobility
  • close cooperation between universities, companies, and other key stakeholders from the regions
  • the idea of a multilingual campus and new language learning opportunities
  • robust international scientific research
  • stronger University on the national and international levels.

T4E was developed by consolidating the potential of partners to create the higher education area of tomorrow.

Together with the following partners T4E European University is active in Lithuania, Poland, Bulgaria, Estonia, Spain, Italy and Germany:

Together with the employees and students of all cycles from the partner universities, we aim to create one global T4E European campus located in Bulgaria, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, and Spain.



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