VMU school network

A decade ago, Vytautas Magnus University recognised the importance of its role in society as a creator of knowledge and innovation by establishing the first VMU Gymnasium. The importance of this role has been reinforced in 2021, following the decision a few years ago to take responsibility for training the country’s teachers. VMU has established a school network, currently consisting of 5 schools, each very unique and different, but all sharing the same values, the same approach to education as a process of personal progress of each child, and the creation of a microclimate based on partnership and trust.

The VMU school network consists of the following schools and gymnasiums named after VMU:

Classes named after VMU have been established in 7 schools:

The goals of the VMU school network in cooperation between the university and schools:

  • A harmonious, free, responsible and well-educated individual.
  • Cooperation between teacher, student and the whole community based on trust.
  • Enhancement of children’s motivation to learn, taking into account each child’s needs and talents. Each child’s uniqueness is a value.
  • Creation of a humane, creative and sustainable learning environment.
  • Improvement of academic performance.
  • Inclusive education and support for children with learning difficulties.
  • In-depth education programme for gifted children.

Principles of educational innovation applied in VMU schools:

  • Application of the synergy of liberal arts and science in the curriculum.
  • Social-emotional education and thinking school strategies.
  • Synergy of creativity and technological and social innovation in the teaching process.
  • Diversity of languages and knowledge of cultures. Language-sensitive learning. Attractive teaching of the Lithuanian language.
  • Development of the concept of integrated education.
  • Development of digital competences – creation and application of modern learning environment and digital resources.
  • Implementation of the all-day school concept, ensuring the integration of formal and non-formal education activities.

The model of cooperation between VMU and the schools:

  • Mutual trust.
  • General strategies for teacher development.
  • Teacher training and professional development in cooperation with the University.
  • University students’ activities at Schools (teaching assistants, etc.).
  • Cooperation between School and University communities.

The University’s strategic goals:

  • To meet the University’s strategic goals and objectives, VMU aims to increase the capacity of the schools in the school network to ensure quality education for every child by improving its content and teacher competences.


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