VMU Branding

VMU Branding

In order for the visual identity of Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) to be used consistently and systematically, the University logo must be used in accordance with the provisions laid down below. The use of the logo should be coordinated with the Department of Marketing and Communications.

VMU Logo

The logo of Vytautas Magnus University consists of the following three elements: the refined mark of Vytautas Magnus University, the name “Vytautas Magnus University”, and the year of the University’s foundation inscribed in Roman numerals.

The main logo of VMU is horizontal and grey. The vertical version of the VMU logo is used when the space allocated for the logo is vertical (e.g. in the production of VMU souvenirs). Other available color variations of the logo can be used as well: white version of the logo on a bright, contrasting single-color background, black logo in monochrome printing. Logo of other colors or graphic effects cannot be used. Also, the font or proportions of the logo cannot be changed.

VMU Colors

  • CMYK: C 36, M 100, Y 51, K 23
  • RGB: R 139, G 26, B 74
  • Pantone: 7420 U; 7421 C

VMU Fonts

The main font, Praat Nova Text, is used in external communication. Several basic styles of this font are used: Regular, Bold, Light.

The secondary font, Georgia, is used in internal communication, i.e. in presentations, Word documents, etc. Several basic styles of this font are used: Regular, Bold, Italic.

VMU Photos

When representing VMU, we kindly ask you to use the official photos of the University: link