Academia cum laude

„Academia cum laude“ is a unique individual study system which links the models of two best universities, Cambridge and Harvard, and allows students to make their own choices about their studies – expanding or deepening their knowledge.

This system functions as a university inside university: highly qualified professors selected from all faculties create the necessary conditions for students who have won the enrolment competition to design their individual study plans from courses offered at university. Students of the academy study on the basis of a minor study programme in parallel with their major studies.

Students can choose courses on the principle of artes liberales (liberal arts) and over the whole study period work with the preferred tutor who is a professional in the field, a top international scholar, researcher or recognised artist.

Alongside their individual work with the tutor, students also take part in the academy meetings organised once or twice per month. During these meetings participants discuss various topics, learn about the scientific research carried out in the academy, join in film reviews or book presentations as well as go to the theatre or on a picnic.

Admission to “Academia cum laude”

Individual studies are carried out according to additional individual study plan which is designed in view of a particular student’s needs, interests and abilities and does not constitute a part of his or her major studies.

How to apply?

Individual studies can be assumed by VMU students of the first cycle and integrated study programmes. You just need:

  1. to choose a tutor,
  2. to choose a topic,
  3. to write a Motivation Letter,
  4. to fill in the application form,
  5. to wait for the answer.

Documents are accepted before the beginning of Autumn and Spring semesters.

Tutors – who are they?

The tutors of “Academia cum laude” are highly qualified and internationally recognised VMU professors, scientists, researchers, and artists — well-established experts of their fields in Lithuania and beyond.

A student is assisted by the tutor who is not only a teacher but also a leader and an aid in research activity who provides the student with consultations, cooperates in conducting research-related practical activities, shares his or her expertise and helps the student to achieve the set goals.

Cooperation between a student and a tutor is bases on curatorship. Artes liberales studies have always been grounded in liberal learning atmosphere; there can be no place for hierarchy.  This VMU tradition is also aimed to be maintained in the academy.

List of tutors.

Who are these studies designed for?

  • The most motivated students who seek for innovative solutions and pursue a high level of interdisciplinary education;
  • Those who wish to start thinking broadly;
  • Those who seek to expand their creativity boundaries and improve their opportunities in the labour market;
  • The ambitious students determined to create their own future.

You will have the following opportunities tailored for you:

  • To have a unique individual study programme created which is personalised to your particular needs;
  • To work with a personal tutor who will monitor your intellectual and academic growth;
  • To study in VMU multimedia, sound and natural science laboratories, the most modern in the Baltic States;
  • To meet, discuss and work with top-level professors, business and public sector representatives from Lithuania and all over the world;
  • To start participating early in international scientific activities, conferences, preparing projects and carrying out research;
  • To study in the international environment (according to prestigious international  rating „QS Ranking“ (2016), VMU is a leading university in the Baltic States according to the internationalisation of academic staff);
  • To choose from the offer of 30 foreign languages;
  • To study one or two semesters in a foreign or another Lithuanian university.

More information

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  • Phone (8 37) 327 972
  • Mobile phone +370 649 45188
  • Email