The Interdisciplinary Social Group Research Cluster

Research overview

The cluster consists of an interdisciplinary group of researchers who investigate processes related to the behavior of individuals and groups in their social environments. The researchers come from physical and social science backgrounds, principally control systems and ethnography, and apply dynamical systems theory to the gathering, systematization, and conceptualization of empirical data and modeling.

Topics of interest include:

  • processes of formation and functioning of sociocultural groups, communities and movements;
  • different social and cultural processes, where the interaction of agents of these processes are observed;
  • longitudinal research where the same group of individuals is studied over an extended period of time;
  • comparative studies of group behavior;
  • the development of new computer tools for systematic research in social processes.

The team of researchers has experience in coordinating international European projects (FP6) as well as national projects sponsored by the Lithuanian Research Council.

Main researchers

 PhD candidates