Nation and Tradition in the Modern World: Ethnological Studies

Research overview

Main research areas of the cluster cover: transformation of ethnic traditions, research into contemporary folklore, and urban culture.

Research into the development of ethnic traditions includes research into ethnic, cultural, and religious identity, ethnic contacts, and the transformations of traditional Lithuanian culture, the spread of ethnic traditions and their relevance.

Research into contemporary folklore is designed to record and analyse the folklore of modern society, influenced by the contemporary means of communication, new folklore genres circulating in oral, written or visual form and new forms of traditional folklore genres.

Urban research focuses on urban systems, urban population, and identities. The scholars of the cluster analyse urban social organization, social relations, and the models of urban social life. The aim of urban research is to give significance to urban ethnology, townsmen culture, and new urban traditions. Questions regarding townsmen identity, urban images, urban stereotypes, the division between urban and “non-urban”, etc.

Main researchers

PhD candidates