VMU Alumni

Since the establishment of Vytautas Magnus university in 1922, the real mark of its quality has always been the generations of graduates – fully educated, strong, free people, who have courage to create and share their ideas. After the University’s restoration in 1989, while sharing and developing the ideas on artes liberales university, VMU has prepared more then 30 000 graduates, who are promoting the name of their Alma Mater in Europe and all around the world.

The University provides an opportunity to its graduates for a successful future life, inspires them to reach professional heights, and, in turn, achievements, loyalty and support of graduates for the University are the engine of VMU’s success.

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  • Alumni Coordinator Ganna Tron
  • E-mail ganna.tron@vdu.lt
  • Phone +370 (684) 93 591
  • Address V. Putvinsko st. 23-211