Research on Multiculturalism and Language Change in the Context of Globalization

Research overview

The scholarly research in the cluster spreads over the following research areas: analysis of characteristic features of languages and their use, investigation of changes in language systems under the influence of globalization which, at the same time, reveal the phenomenon of variability-stability in the langue/parole dichotomy. In their research, scholars focus on the development of specific features of language in a multilingual society, describe typical developments of the Lithuanian language and compare/ contrast them with other languages.

One of the aims of cluster research is to evaluate the impact of globalization, multiculturalism, immigration and emigration on the change and development of languages as well as to investigate issues of language policy; to identify language-related issues in Lithuania brought about by multiculturalism and multilingualism and discuss them in the context of European attitudes, as well as to carry out psycholinguistic experiments and sociolinguistic interviews devoted to the analysis of spoken language in a multicultural society.

Main researchers

PhD Candidates