Quality and Recognition

System of Quality Assurance

The system of VMU quality assurance includes all quality enhancement activities. This is a purposeful and targeted planning, implementation, evaluation, and improvement of strategic quality management, studies and learning, research and artistic activities, doctoral studies and the processes supporting them, in order to meet the priorities of higher education, legal requirements and the needs of social stakeholders.

Quality assurance of the University is guided by institutional, national and international priorities of studies, research and artistic activities, legal requirements, opinions and proposals of social stakeholders, recommendations of external evaluators, and examples of good practices. Quality assurance of the University is aimed at the development of quality culture, where compliance of activities with the highest quality requirements is a common interest and aspiration of the entire VMU community; activities are constantly monitored, information is analysed, and changes are responsibly introduced.

The concept, principles, responsibilities and processes of quality assurance as well as related documents and quality indicators are structured in the University Quality Manual (abstract).

International Recognition and Institutional Assessment

Study Quality Assurance