Quality and Recognition

Principles of Quality Assurance

Quality assurance system of the University includes consistent internal and external quality assessment of studies, research, art activities and quality improvement based on assessment results. Quality assurance is carried out according to the University, national and international priorities of studies, research and art activities as well as to the feedback and suggestions of stakeholders, recommendations of external experts and examples of good practice.

Quality assurance system of the University is focused on the development of quality culture, when compliance with the highest quality standards is a common interest and aspiration of the entire VMU community; monitoring of activities is performed constantly, information on study, research and art activities is analyzed, and changes are designed responsibly. The development of quality assurance system is based on the principles of openness, collegiality, academic ethics, personal responsibility, comprehensiveness, representativeness and publicity.

Quality assurance system of the University is regulated by the Quality Manual. In 2020-2021 VMU Quality and Environmental Manual (2013) is being updated, reviewing its links with the Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in the European Higher Education Area and other international as well as national higher education documents.

International Recognition and Institutional Assessment

Study Quality Assurance