World Lithuanian University

The World Lithuanian University  (WLU) is a platform designed for the Lithuanian diaspora. It is a space for igniting the practical imagination and intellectual capacity of Lithuanians around the world, stimulating their thinking and fostering their Lithuanian identity.

The World Lithuanian University is an extension of the activities of the Lithuanian diaspora at VMU reestablished by the effort of diaspora Lithuanians such as Algirdas Avižienis, Bronius Vaškelis, Valdas Adamkus, and others. It became a pattern for further collaboration that fosters creative exchange between scientists and students from Lithuanian Diaspora, and aims to attract everyone interested in modern Lithuania, its daily life, traditions and culture.

The mission of the World Lithuanian University is to bring together the active intellectual leaders of the Lithuanian diaspora and promote the sense of community and common cause among them.

WLU activities:

  • Study and internship programs for students and researchers
  • Events for the world Lithuanian scholars and scientists
  • Seminars dedicated to the analysis of the Lithuanian diaspora, its current situation and future prospects
  • Lithuanian language education projects
  • VMU Baltic Summer University events

WLU virtual archive of diaspora memory

  • Video documentaries
  • Video recordings of lectures, seminars and meetings
  • Online journals and books on the history of the Lithuanian diaspora, diaspora politics and migration studies

At the same time, WLU functions as a conceptual, virtual entity open to new initiatives

Activities for students

  • Take short- or long-term studies at VMU
  • Use your gap year to revive and foster your Lithuanian identity during your studies or internship in Lithuania
  • Experience summer programmes and get in touch with your Lithuanian heritage, culture, family histories, and Lithuanian language while meeting new and interesting people along the way

Activities for scholars and researchers

  • Teach a seminar or a course at VMU and share your experience
  • Inspire an intellectual discussion about Lithuanian diaspora and its future prospects
  • Cooperate with VMU professors
  • Publish articles on Lithuanian diaspora and share your insights

Activities for world Lithuanians

  • Take a Lithuanian language course designed for teachers working in Lithuanian schools outside Lithuania
  • Get to know the Lithuanian career opportunities and join Summer Internship Programme (SIP)
  • Get to know World Lithuanian University activities and apply for WLU internship


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