Applied Translation and Intercultural Communication Studies

Research overview

The research of the cluster Applied Translation and Intercultural Communication Studies focuses on questions of translation and intercultural communication within the framework of cultural, literary and linguistic studies. The research includes an interdisciplinary analysis of theoretical, historical, and practical issues of translation; analysis of socio-cultural aspects of language change, including the impact of the source language on the target language (langue d’arrivée) in light of problems related to the situation of less-widely spoken languages; interpretation of literary texts from a (cross/inter) cultural perspective; and the investigation of social and regional language varieties, including  communicative rhetoric in different discourse communities from a (cross/inter) cultural perspective.

The research is geared towards the changes and challenges generated by integration and globalization processes and their effect on culture and communication. An interdisciplinary approach to these issues is used to investigate different aspects of the relationship between language, culture and communication. Such a stance is in compliance with the “cultural shift” in translation studies and with the contemporary approaches to intercultural communication.

Main researchers

PhD candidates