Connections between Texts of Literature and Culture Processes

Research overview

For the best results, the group of scholars has these aims: to analyze processes of world literatures from a comparative point of view, focusing also on cultural processes; to explore the role of Lithuanian literature in nowadays culture of Lithuania and Europe; to actualize the significance of literature (writing and reading), trying to preserve the national identity in the age of globalization; to create the integrated and permanent network of institutions, which are interested in Lithuanian literature and national identity.

Analyzing literature texts and cultural processes, members of cluster use the results of sociological research; trying to find a practical literary use, members actualize global problems; focusing on the competence, profession, age of readers, members of cluster develop various strategies of propagating the results of literature research. The scholars spread the results of research in non-academic society, trying to increase reading and writing competence of this society.

The main expected result is a cooperation of various humanities scholars. This cooperation will help to satisfy the social need of familiarizing with the texts of global literature in the context of national literature.

Main researchers

PhD candidates

  • Gerda Pilipaitytė (VMU Faculty of Humanities)
  • Kristina Tutlytė (VMU Faculty of Humanities)
  • Agnė Cesiulė (VMU Faculty of Humanities)
  • Eglė Mikulskaitė (VMU Faculty of Humanities)