Research on Intercultural Art Exchange in Eastern and Central Europe: Global Contexts and Local Practices

Research overview

The main focus of this scientific cluster is the research of intercultural and transnational dimensions of artistic practices in Central and Eastern Europe. The reconstruction and analysis of historical developments of intercultural communication and transnational exchange of arts, their ideological premises, contemporary issues as well as challenges of the future frame the scope of this research. The main tasks of this research are the following: to determine the global aspects of cultural interdependence and cultural diversity, to evaluate their influence on national cultures and art forms, to analyse the developments of fine arts, performing arts, literature, photography and popular culture in the region, to mark the transformations in the notions of artistic practices together with its cultural, historical, geographic and sociopolitical context as well as to trace the interdependence of art and politics, culture and social reality, creative practices and economy. The thematic framework of the cluster also includes the methodological and theoretical research of intercultural communication in art of Eastern and Central Europe, the formation of the theoretical models of cultural dialogue, the dealing with the problematic aspects of applying contemporary cultural theories to the studies of Lithuanian art.

Main researchers

PhD candidates