Mentor’s programme

Isn’t it true that when making big decisions, like deciding to study in a foreign country, a time comes when everyone needs help from a mentor? Someone who will always be there to advise, assist, and care for you – a mentor.

Back in 2003, the International Cooperation Department of Vytautas Magnus University launched the VMU Mentor’s programme which until today has helped hundreds of incoming international students to overcome the challenges of settling in a new country and university.

The Mission of VMU Mentor’s programme is to support incoming exchange and new international students who have decided to choose VMU as their University.

VMU Mentors (Lithuanian and full-time foreign students) spend time with incoming students in one-on-one meetings, social activities in the university and around the city, and in such a way they help students from abroad to adapt to the new social and cultural environment and get to know the academic community.

All participants of this programme are asked to be active, participate in group activities, communicate with each other, and just stay in touch with one another.

Joining this programme is not obligatory for any of the incoming students, but it is highly advised, especially if a student wants to integrate into the university community faster.

Goals of VMU Mentor’s Programme

  • To help international students adapt and socialize in the new academic, social and cultural environment;
  • To encourage the involvement of international students into the life of VMU academic community, organized events and other activities;
  • To promote students’ voluntary activities and community spirit;
  • To give an opportunity for VMU students to gain additional intercultural experience, get to know different countries, learn more about the traditions and customs of the other nationalities, accept cultural differences;
  • To increase VMU students interest in various exchange possibilities, encourage them to go for study exchange or traineeships abroad;
  • To establish possibility for VMU students to improve their foreign language, communication and other skills as well as gain experience in organizing events and implementing projects;
  • To contribute to the reintegration processes of VMU students who returned from exchange.