Entrepreneurship Academy

Entrepreneurship Academy is a VMU minor study programme (33 ECTS credits) recognised as one of the top three initiatives on the continent in the 2018 European Enterprise Promotion Awards.

The programme aims to give the tools for self-discovery, creating and implementing ambitious personal projects and solving business or social challenges.

In the programme, which is based on the unique “EQ thinking” model, participants work with a mentor to implement their personal development plan and enhance their competences in teamwork, creative thinking, emotional intelligence, and initiating change. Furthermore, throughout this journey, students establish valuable connections with business representatives and tackle challenges presented by organizations, through which they learn to solve real social, cultural, or economic problems, and develop and implement innovative ideas. We cooperate with more than 70 business partners.

The programme includes:

  • a personal development programme, consisting of individual mentoring, keeping a personal development journal and participating in group coaching sessions;
  • weekly presentations with various specialists in the fields of business, culture, and entertainment;
  • training in creative methodologies (“Lego Serious Play”, “Design Thinking”, and “Strategyzer”);
  • an opportunity to go on a traineeship abroad;
  • community-building events;
  • developing personal and team projects.

 The unique Entrepreneurship Academy programme develops the following competences:

  • Teamwork – a skill based on the importance of cooperation, paying attention to each other, trust, respect, and mutual understanding in order to achieve a common goal.
  • Creative thinking – the ability to see the ordinary in a new light, boldly creating new solutions and undiscovered ideas.
  • Idea implementation – the ability to take the first step on an unbeaten path and turn ambitious ideas and a personal or shared vision into practical, goal-oriented action.
  • Emotional intelligence – the ability to understand one’s own needs and the needs of others, motivation, a positive approach to problem-solving, and an open attitude to change.

The Entrepreneurship Academy programme, developed by the Centre for Enterprise Practice, has been selected by the European Commission’s research consortium University-Business Cooperation in Europe as one of the top 50 case studies of successful university-business cooperation in Europe and worldwide.

Students wishing to participate in this intensive training cycle of the Centre for Enterprise Practice have the opportunity to enrol in the 33-credit minor study programme Entrepreneurship Academy. The full duration of Academy’s training is 8 months and consists of two training phases: spring and autumn semesters.

Volume of the study programme: 33 credits.

Study courses:

First semester:

  • “Team Experience Design” (6 credits); VAK0206
  • “‘Design Thinking’ and Creativity Techniques (6 credits); VAK0207

Second semester:

  • “Emotional Intelligence: Methodologies and Practices”
  • “Smart Practice” (15 credits); VAK0204

More information

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  • Phone +370 (37) 327 870, internal 3303
  • Facebook Minded VDU
  • Email  info@minded.lt