Research of Lithuanian Art and Identity of Cultural Heritage

Research overview

The researches of cluster about the Lithuanian art and cultural heritage of the time of The Grand Duchy of Lithuania (GDL) and XIX-XX century focuses on the developing of studies of Lithuanian art and cultural heritage in the European context, dissemination of information about values of tangible and intangible heritage, ensuring the accessibility of research results of comparative studies of art. The researchers are studying the changes of Lithuanian sacral and secular (fine and applied) art, the objects of architecture, events, personalities, the history of artistic schools, styles, iconography.

The factual and analytical researches of art history are performed in the former territory of GDL. Searching the interfaces of Lithuanian art with the European and global context. In the process of studies of tangible and intangible heritage the great attention is paid to the analysis of the heritage issues, animation of cultural heritage and integration of the Lithuanian contemporary socio-cultural and economic potential. The problem of identity of art of Lithuania, emigrants and borderland cultures also finds an important place in the field of researches. Exploring the new hystorical and contemporary sections of artistic phenomenon of local identity. Working in the areas of Lithuanian historiography of art criticism and mothodology.

Main researchers

PhD candidates