Smart Education: Trust-based Partnership

Research overview

Research reveals the realization of European active inclusion policies in all contexts, by identifying algorithms and models in the context of intelligent education.  Scientists analyse smart education based on research, experimental development (R&D), good practice and positive socialization, positive parenting strategies, social partnership principles and opportunities for experiential pedagogy.

The results of the research are significant for educational innovation, intersectoral, interdisciplinary integration, complex access formation, social partnership, networking, equal opportunities, poverty reduction, health, education, family, national identity policies, direct and local authorities.

Tasks of the cluster are as follows:

  • Analyze and justify the features of smart education and social clustering and inter-sectoral cooperation algorithms.
  • Analyze good practice in smart education and model relationships between family, school, and local community.
  • Systematize educational research, clinical initiatives, good practice cases and other data; develop new knowledge, competences, disseminate good practice arising from joint efforts of scientists, practitioners and users.
  • Analyze and define the links between positive parenting and social clustering.
  • Rationalize the social clustering algorithm as a key indicator of community well-being, sustainable development and active inclusion.

Main researchers

  • Leader of the group prof. Giedrė Kvieskienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Gerd-Bodo von Carlsburg (Heidelberg University of Education, Germany)
  • Assoc. Prof. Sigita Burvytė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Assoc. Prof. Liutauras Degėsys (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Terry Mason (Indiana University, USA)
  • Prof. Vilmantė Aleksienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Lecturer Rasa Aiškinytė-Degesienė  (VMU Education Academy)
  • Assistant Rima Černiuvienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Dr. Giedrė Misiūnienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Dr. Auksė Petruškevičiūtė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Lecturer Vytautas Kvieska (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Nijolė Cibulskaitė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Vilija Grincevičienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Assoc. Prof. Liutauras Labanauskas (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Algirdas Raslanas (VMU Education Academy)
  • Dr. Eglė Celiešienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Angelė Kaušylienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Asistant Bylaitė-Šalavėjienė (VMU Education Academy)
  • Prof. Morten Flate Paulsen (International Council of Open and Distance Education)
  • Prof. Alicja Szerlag (University of Wroclaw)
  • Dr. Aija Tuna (University of Latvia)
  • Prof. Wiel Veugelers (University of Humanistic Studies, The Netherlands)
  • Povilas Urbšys
  • Arvydas Liepuonius

PhD candidates