Centre for Demographic Research

Research overview

The main research directions of the Centre for Demographic Research are studying on demographic development, demographic processes, and population policies. The main aim of the Cente is to study development and determinants of development of demographic processes (demographic sustainability, migration, fertility, family, mortality, public health, population structures, ageing) in the historical, modern, and future perspectives. The Centre also pursues comparative demographic research (with a focus on demographic monitoring), performs systematic assessments of national-level population policies and their components in the context of experiences of other countries, and prepares recommendations for policy-makers.

The scientific research by the Centre include:

  • building of innovative inter-disciplinary databases (covering demographic and related information);
  • development of methodologies for studying determinants of social, economic, and socio-demographic differentiation of demographic processes (fertility, mortality, family formation, etc.).

Involving leading international experts the Centre provides relevant education aiming at improving general and specific skills of the Lithuanian scientists and specialists of population statistics in the field of demographic research. The results of scientific studies are widely disseminated in publications, conferences, other means of scientific and mass media, and in Bachelor and Master degree programs.

Main researchers