Research on Impact of Globalization to Law

Research overview

The cluster aims to analyze the impact of globalisation on legal traditions and systems, changes of the branches and institutions, their convergence and diversification.

Main research areas cover:

  • Globalisation processes influencing law and legal areas influenced by globalisation
  • Convergence of General and Continental Law traditions
  • Transformation of the Continental Law tradition in the light of globalisation processes
  • Changes of the institutes and branches of law, their diversification while some legal cultures adopt experience of the other
  • Impact of globalisation processes to the Lithuanian legal system.

At the practical level the scholars of the cluster present the results of their researches in scientific publications, conferences, seminars and other means of information dissemination, also include students of the Faculty of Law into activities related to the cluster’s topics of interest, suggest to the students to write their master’s thesis or doctoral dissertations on topics of the cluster.

Main researchers

PhD Candidates