Research and Experiments of Socio-economic, Political and Financial Stability, and Smart Growth

Research overview

Cluster’s mainstream is to evaluate micro and macro social economic and political processes in stability and smart growth context in EU, covering the science and innovations’ development dimension. These trends of researches are defined: evaluation of the tendencies of micro and macro social economic and political processes, and factors that have influence to these tendencies; evaluation of the relationship between social, economic, financial and political factors that have influence to smart growth and sustainability; investigation of the possible risk scenarios and criteria; identification of the factors for risk minimization and stability; identification of the structural-qualitative socio-economic and political innovations oriented to smart growth. In addition to defined research activity and publication of its results, students are continuously included into analysis of cluster’s thematic, and for this, the experimental laboratory for the research and studies is projected to be established.

Main researchers

PhD Candidates