Psychosocial Functioning of an Individual and Psychological Possibilities of its Improvement in Organisations and Institutions of Education and Health

Research overview

Cluster research is performed in the five directions as follows:

  • Investigation into psychological and behavioural factors, related to disease development, successful health promotion and rehabilitation.
  • Subjective quality of life and well-being: analysis of its causality and interrelation with biopsychosocial factors.
  • Analysis of psychological and social causes and outcomes of tobacco, alcohol and other addictive substance consumption as well as other suicidal and risky behaviour, and investigation into the effectiveness of preventive measures in child, adolescent and adult populations.
  • Analysis of psychosocial development, adjustment, and the effectiveness of teaching and learning process, as well as predisposing social and cognitive factors, in individuals of various age groups.
  • Psychological analysis of human resource management and investigation into psychological incentives of economical well-being.

Main researchers

PhD candidates