European Public Sphere: Politics, Communication, Discourse

Research overview

The idea of European Public Sphere – of media-sustained imaginary spaces where all of the diversities and commonalities of multicultural Europe are expressed and celebrated – is an appealing and thought-provoking concept and one that continuously attracts the attention of scholars, policy-makers, writers, and journalists from all over Europe. Therefore, the goal of the research cluster „European Public Sphere – Politics, Communication, Discourse“ at VMU is to find commonalities and intersections among those very diverse fields of Europeanization studies ranging from journalism, communication studies and identity issues, to regional studies, comparative politics and international relations. At the same time, this research perspective seeks to address new questions and includes these into the comparative research agenda.

The cluster unites 41 scholars, researchers and PhD students from two VMU Faculties – Faculty of Political Science and Diplomacy and Faculty of Social Sciences. It is one of the biggest and most productive research groups at the university: in the last six years, almost 200 scientific publications were published, more than 40 conferences and seminars organized and 20 PhD dissertations defended.

Main researchers

PhD candidates