Research on Delivery of Medicine and Genes

Research overview

Biophysical Research group deals with cell and tissue behavior in the electric fields, with special focus on cell electroporation and sonoporation-mediated drug and gene delivery. Currently there are many pharmaceutical compounds, however part of them because of low penetration into tissues and cells, rapid clearance, inactivation or because of various sides effects do not reach clinics. Therefore targeted and controlled drug delivery is of paramount importance that can be compared by development of new drugs. The aims of the group are to gain detailed insight in the mechanism of cell electroporation and sonoporation and to implement them into clinics for tumor treatment. In addition, a special focus is given to understand mechanisms of electroporation and sonoporation mediated gene delivery aiming to apply the methods for gene therapy. Biophysical research group is also involved in investigation of development and regeneration of nervous system. Using various methods we aim to evaluate the effects Semaphorin 3A on development and regeneration of DRG axons and to understand signaling pathways that are governing these effects.

Main researchers

PhD candidates