Development of Instrumental Analysis Methods and their Application to Molecular Analysis of Biological Objects, Synthetic Products and the Environment

Research overview

The main objectives of the scientific group are the creation and development of chemical analysis methods by employing advanced technologies and interdisciplinary expertise; the miniaturization and integration of chemical analysis methods; designing and development of the software and hardware; synthesis of adsorbtive materials, their evaluation and application in chromatography, electrochromatography and solid-phase extraction; synthesis of a nanostructured materials, characterization and use for analysis.

Scientists perform the analysis of various biological objects, i.e. food, medicinal and spices plants, bee products, beverages etc., analysis of environmental objects and synthetic products, the direct analysis of biological fluids using integrated sample preparation by spectrophotometric, chromatographic and microanalysis techniques. The cluster members use the biotechnology of medicinal plants, investigate bioremediation and phytoremediation of pollutants, perform the analysis of the composition of plant secondary metabolites, perform epigenetic tests and evaluate antioxidant properties of the plant extracts.

Main researchers

PhD candidates