Biophysics for Bionanotechnology and Biomedicine (BIOMEDTECH)

Research overview

Basic research: Theoretical modeling and experimental investigation of the influence of strong electric fields on cell membranes: mechanisms of electroporation and electrochemical processes occurring during high-voltage pulses and their consequences, mechanisms of the action of anti-tumor systems (electric pulse and bleomycin, mixture of vitamins C and K3).

Methodological studies: Design of the equipment and the methods used for applying and/or studying cell electroporation and related phenomena.

Applied studies: Application of the results of basic research in tumor and gene therapies, food processing, microorganism inactivation, and designing and developing of bionanotechnologies.

Experiments are carried out in vitro on several cancerous and noncancerous cell lines. Members of the Cluster cooperate with scientists from other Lithuanian institutions and laboratories in the Netherlands, France, Ukraine and the U.S.A. Members of the Cluster present research results at international conferences; publish papers in prestigious journals and books devoted to cell electroporation.

Main researchers

PhD candidates