Effect of Anthropogenic Environmental Changes and Climate to Alive Organisms

Research overview

The aim of scientific cluster is to investigate and evaluate response of alive organisms to single and integrated impact of anthropogenic and natural factors, changes in productivity, structure and biological diversity of populations and biological communities, and to evaluate possibilities of different economy branches to upgrade their ecological efficiency and sustainability.

In order to implement this aim, researchers of cluster  investigate and analyze impact of environmental factors, such as environmental acidification and eutrophication, ground level ozone, UV radiation, geo-magnetic storms, sun flashes, and consequences of climate change – increased frequency of drafts, waves of heat and frost  to agro- and forest ecosystems and human health. Increased attention is paid to the research and forecast of changes in competitiveness and adaptability of agricultural plants,  productivity and seasonal development of main tree species according to different scenarios of climate change. Possibilities of different morphometric, anatomical, physiological and biochemical indicators to monitor and assess environmental and climatic changes and toxicity of xenobiotics  are investigated. In order to achieve practical value of obtained results, possibilities to reduce environmental impact of different economy branches is analyzed.

Main researchers

PhD candidates