Molecular Bioenergetics

Research overview

Cluster consists of two research groups:

  • Eukaryotic Cell Bioenergetics (ELC) group (headed by prof. Vida Mildažienė)
  • Membrane Biochemistry (MEB) group (headed by prof. Rimantas Daugelavičius).

ELB group studies:

  1. effects of xenobiotics (medicinal substances and environmental pollutants) on mitochondrial oxidative phosphorylation system;
  2. the influence of hyperthermia on cancer cells and healthy tissues; and
  3. stem cell properties and their application in regeneration of cardiac muscle;
  4. influence of physical stress on the seed germination, subsequent plant growth and their resistance to disease

MEB group studies:

  1. mechanisms of viral entry into microbial (bacterial, archeal, yeast) cells and exit out of infected cells;
  2. materials and methods for evaluation of the activity of multidrug resistance pumps;
  3. action mechanisms of membrane-active compounds.

Main researchers

PhD candidates