Artificial Intelligence and Digitalization Systems

Research overview

This cluster brings together scientists and researchers, most of whom have represented the cluster “Systems Analysis, Modeling, Management and Optimization” and who worked on models, control, learning, recognition and optimization algorithms and software tools for systems and processes of various physical nature based on the principles of fuzzy logic, biological system behaviour, signal recognition and optimal prediction.

The research areas of a cluster are the following:

  • Application of artificial intelligence methods to speech and language technologies
  • Applications of artificial intelligence to fintech, insurtech, the green economy and security
  • Application of artificial intelligence methods in bioinformatics and biomedicine, a search of knowledge in large bio-databases
  • Cognitive robotic systems and human-robot interfaces
  • Modeling of learning processes in neural systems
  • Digitization and smart environments
  • Modeling of virtual reality systems

Main researchers

PhD candidates