Research and Innovation Department

  • K. Donelaičio g. 52, 44244 Kaunas
  • Phone +370 37 327 946, +370 37 209 815, +370 37 323 296
  • E-mail
  • Research and Innovation Department is a non-academic VMU division, which seeks for the highest quality in research and artistic production created at VMU, administers and organizes doctoral (PhD) studies, seeks to maintain active relations with various international and national research networks, unites researchers in research priority groups, ensures the spread of information about the results of the university’s scientific or artistic activities and achievements by scientists and researchers, introduces the latest innovations to the lecturers and researchers, pursues other strategic goals in research development.
  • Director dr. Darius Milčius
    K. Donelaičio g. 52-205, 44244 Kaunas
    Area of responsibility – organization and coordination of work at Research and Innovation Department

Research and Arts Unit

  • K. Donelaičio g. 52-303/304, 44244 Kaunas
  • Head of Research and Arts Unit  Daiva Sabonienė+370 37 327 946
    Area of responsibility – organization and coordination of work at Research and Art Unit, mediation in the supplying of information on the university’s scientific or artistic activities to interested institutions, consultations to the university’s researchers, lecturers, recognized artists on the matters of scientific or artistic activities, scientific or artistic productions and other performance indicators, various contests and application submissions, analysis of the university’s annual results of scientific or artistic production.
  • Chief Specialist Laura Stankevičienė+370 37 209 815
    Area of responsibility – organization and administration of various competitions funded from VMU Research Foundation, administration of scientific and artistic production of VMU researchers and lecturers, handling of documents for the granting of pedagogical and Professor Emeritus titles, preparation of information for sending documents to research and other organizations, coordination of research clusters.
    Chief Specialist dr. Rasa Pakeltienė+370 37 327 946

Doctoral School

  • K. Donelaičio g. 52 -303, 44244 Kaunas
  • Head of Doctoral School dr. Karolina Čepurnienė+370 37 209 815, +370 662 11035
    Area of responsibility – organization and coordination of work at Doctoral School, management of the information system which includes doctoral studies of science and arts, the process of studies and individual data of doctoral students; presentation of statistical data to the interested institutions, administration of data for the students’ register.
  • Chief Specialist Rasa Andrišiūnaitė+370 37 209 815, +370 619 21615
    Area of responsibility – organization and coordination of doctoral studies, administration of admission procedures, administration of doctoral committees’ documents, providing assistance and information to enrolled and prospective doctoral students, management of doctoral students’ files, creating and registering certificates.
  • Senior Specialist Danguolė Preišegolavičienė+370 37 209 815, +370 620 30067
    Area of responsibility – handling of the documentation of PhD students’ and other files, administration of doctoral dissertations defences, mediation in the preparation of the doctoral students’ applications for scholarships from the Research Council of Lithuania, preparation of doctoral students’ documents for archiving.

Project Implementation Unit

Centre for Transfer of Knowledge and Technology