Marketing and Communication Department

The Marketing and Communication Department is striving for the development and implementation of united, target-oriented marketing and communication strategy.

The main functions of the department are: support and improvement of the university’s image; creation, development and support of the university’s marketing activities by choosing the most appropriate measures and channels; organization of events for the university’s target groups; coordination and implementation of admission to the first-level and integrated studies, as well as fulfillment of other significant functions which are related to marketing and communication management.

  • Director Justina Šimkevičiūtė+370 37 327 990
    Responsibility: coordination of activities carried out by the MCD, university events, projects, admission to first-level and integrated studies.
  • Chief Specialist Loreta Petrauskaitė+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: representation of the university, organization of admission to first-level and integrated studies.
  • Specialist Martynas Švarcas+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: preparation of publications about studies, information relevant to the entrants, and representative material about the university.
  • Senior Specialist Jonas Petronis+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: design, photography
  • Specialist Emilija Pukelytė+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: management of the university’s communication on social networks
  • Specialist Vytautas Kučinskas+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: digital project and WEB content management
  • Specialist Mindaugas Šerpytis+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: representation of the university, organization of admission to first-level and integrated studies.
  • Specialist Simona Sutkutė+370 37 323 206
    Responsibility: news in English and Lithuanian.

Communication Projects

  • K. Donelaičio g. 58-10, LT-44248 Kaunas
  • Phone +370 37 327 960, +370 37 327 868
  • E-mail
  • Chief Specialist (maternity leave) Agnė Pinigienė+370 37 327 868
    Responsibility: university events and projects
  • Chief Specialist Janina Masalskienė+370 37 327 960
    Responsibility: university’s history yearbook, sponsors
  • Senior Specialist Laura Auksutytė+370 37 327 960
    Responsibility: public procurement, university events
  • Specialist Jurgita Perskaudienė
    Responsibility: university insignia, souvenirs, events
  • Chief Specialist Rimgailė Dikšaitė+370 37 327 960
    Responsibility: communication projects

The Marketing and Communication Office also establishes and fosters relations with the media and the target audiences of the university, maintaining a regular and timely flow of topical information about the university’s activities, preparing various information publications, promotional and audiovisual material on the university, organizing events for the VMU community and the wider society. The MCO employees administer the maintenance of the historical archive and the management of the museum, initiates and coordinates joint PR events in collaboration with various other university subdivisions, the Kaunas City Municipality, Lithuanian and foreign universities, schools and colleges.