VMU Rector

Rector’s Office

Professor Juozas Augutis

Born on 5 September 1955 in Kaliekiai village, Utena District. In 1978, he graduated from the Faculty of Mathematics and Mechanics in Vilnius University. Until 1986, he worked as assistant at the Šiauliai Faculty Dept. of General Subjects and the Dept. of Higher Mathematics in Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. He pursued a postgraduate degree from 1983 until 1985. In 1986, he successfully defended his dissertation and earned the degree of Candidate of Mathematical Sciences. Until 1991, Prof. Augutis worked as Assoc. Prof. at the Dept. of General Subjects in Šiauliai Faculty of Kaunas Polytechnic Institute. From 1991 he worked as Assoc. Prof. at the Dept. of Mathematics in Vytautas Magnus University. Starting from 2002, he worked as Professor at the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics. From 1993 until 2006, Prof. Augutis served as the VMU Student Dean and Director of VMU Office of Student Affairs. From late August 2006, he has been the VMU Vice-Rector for Research and since 2009 he has been the head of the Energy Security Research Centre at the Lithuanian Energy Institute and VMU.

In 1993, the Research Council of Lithuania nostrified Prof. Augutis’ title of Candidate of Mathematical Sciences and granted him the title of Doctor of Physical Sciences and pedagogical title of Associated Professor. In 2002, he was granted the title of Habilitated Doctor of Sciences of Technology. In the same year, he was also elected professor at the Dept. of Mathematics and Statistics (VMU Faculty of Informatics) by VMU Senate. Currently he is a member of VMU Senate and Council.

His research priorities include probability theory, risk analysis, system reliability, energy safety. He has published 1 monograph, 1 book of problems, more than 150 scientific publications. He has edited and reviewed textbooks, monographs and methodical material. He is also a member of editorial boards of 2 prestigious scientific periodicals. Prof. Augutis has supervised 4 successfully defended doctoral dissertations, chaired habilitation procedure and habilitated doctoral defence committees, opposed (examined) doctoral dissertations, etc. He has read over 70 papers in global scientific conferences, participated in international scientific-analytical projects and conducted applied research in Lithuania.

He was elected expert member of the Lithuanian Academy of Sciences in 2006 and became its full member in 2011. He has also been the Chairman of the Science Committee of the Conference of Lithuanian University Rectors (since 2011), Chairman of the Ignalina Nuclear Power Plant Safety Committee, expert at the Research Council of Lithuania (2003–2007), expert at the State Studies Foundation (until 2009), expert of projects for EU framework programmes FP6 and FP7, member of the Council of the Institute of Mathematics and Informatics (until 2010), and member of the Lithuanian Mathematician Association and the Lithuanian Statistician Union.

Currently he is heading the project “Research on Lithuanian Energy Safety and Evaluation of Energy Safety Level” of the national scientific programme “Future Energy” (“Ateities Energetika”). He has also Lithuanian workgroups of FP7 project “Security of Energy Considering Its Uncertainty, Risk and Economic Implications” (SECURE, 2008-2011) and Leonardo da Vinci project “European Energy Supply Security Management” (UNDERSTAND, 2006-2008), “Future Energy” project “Design of and Research on Methodology for Energy Safety Analysis and Integrated Safety Level Assessment” (2010–2011), and international project by International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) “Small Reactors Without On-Site Refuelling” (2004–2008). Prof. Augutis has participated in the FP7 project “Generic Embedded Systems Platform” (GENESYS 2007-2009), FP6 project “IST Resistance and Vitality” (ReSIST, 2006–2009, “IST atsparumas ir gyvybingumas”), FP6 project “Severe Accident Research NETwork of Excellence” (SARNET, 2006–2010), international project “New Innovative and Secure International Reactor IRIS” (2004–2009).

In 2005, for his series of works “Necessitarian and Stochactic Research, Engineering Solutions and their Implementation in the Process of Improving the Safety and Reliability of Ignalina NPP”, Prof. Augutis was awarded the Lithuanian National Scientific Prize.

In 2010, Prof. Augutis received the Zigmas Žemaitis Medal, which is awarded to persons who have contributed significantly to Lithuanian education, science and national spiritual culture.

In 2012, he was awarded a prize by the Lithuanian Member Committee of the World Energy Council: the Honorary Award for achievements in the energy field in Lithuania.