Rector’s Council

Rector’s Council consists of the Rector, Vice Rectors, Deans of Faculties, President of Students’ Representative Council, heads of other university departments, subdivisions and centres appointed by the Rector. Meetings of the Rector’s Office are chaired by the Rector.

The Rector’s Office formulates university development plans, prepares the annual report of university’s activities and works on the issues of the organization of studies, research and economy. In addition to many other duties and functions, the Rector’s Office also deals with the norms of pedagogical workload and other work norms, coordinates and controls the operations of the faculties and other autonomous subdivisions, coordinates the university’s relations with institutions of research, studies, business, industry and other kinds.


The Rector heads the university, functions in its name and represents it. As foreseen by the VMU Statute, the university’s Rector issues legal documents, encourages students and employees, is responsible for the university’s financial activities, proper management, use and handling of university’s properties, concerns himself with the level of higher education, scientific research, cultural and artistic activities at the university, performs other functions. Learn more.

Vice-Rector for Studies

The Vice-Rector for Studies prepares proposals regarding study priorities, policies and strategies, initiates study improvement and development projects, study quality improvement programs and plans, initiates and coordinates preparation and evaluation of new study programmes, coordinates implementation of first and second level study programmes, analyses the processes of study activities.

Vice-Rector for Research

The Vice-Rector for Research prepares the university’s strategy for scientific activities and ensures its implementation, performs analysis of university’s research activities and prepares reports, and controls the funding of university’s scientific, experimental and social development.

Vice-Rector for Communication

The Vice-Rector for Communication focus on creation of international partnerships, consolidation of the international university network, and bringing together of the university’s community.

All Members of the Rector’s Council

The list of all members of the Rector’s Council can be found here.

The Secretariat of the Rector’s Council

The staff, areas of responsibility and contacts of the Rector’s Council’s Secretariat can be found here.