Arts Centre

  • AddressV. Čepinskio g. 5, Kaunas, (404 cab.)
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  • E-mail
  • Head of the Centre  Rita Bieliauskaitė
  • Phone +370 650 44546 (only on working hours)

Creative activities of VMU students are coordinated by the Arts Centre of the Student Affairs Department.

VMU Arts Centre watches over creative activities of the university students, manages initiatives in visual and performance arts. Visual arts are represented by the student clubs while on the side of performance arts, the university offers students to join folklore or folk-dance ensemble, chamber choir, academic theatre of movement, academic student theatre, dance group.

Clubs, ensembles and collectives of VMU raise the university’s profile by participating in competitions and festivals in the Baltic and Nordic countries, Western Europe, the USA, Canada and elsewhere.

VMU Arts Centre strives to make students active participants of artistic life in Kaunas, spiritually enrich the members of the academic community, citizens and guests of Kaunas. The centre initiates interdisciplinary projects of visual and performance arts, presents them to the society, organizes exhibitions, community discussions and meetings.