VMU Arts Centre

The Arts Centre of Vytautas Magnus university unifies artistic groups and individual creative initiatives, creates conditions that are needed for all members and initiators to get an opportunity to develop their own creative and organizational skills. Contemporary visual arts, movement, theater and artistic groups of musical culture is promoting the name of the University in different contests, art fairs and festivals in Lithuania, Baltic and Scandinavian states, Western Europe, USA and Canada.



Visual Arts

VMU Art Gallery “101” is an academic gallery which seeks to become the cultural hot spot of Kaunas and Vytautas Magnus University. Its activities and events are significant contributions to the intellectual life of the academic community and represents high quality and professional evaluation of the cultural processes. Students are encouraged to create and explore, volunteer and suggest their initiatives: while participating in these events:

  • Exhibitions, discussions, events management, communication with artists, interviews organization, presentations, photography, video, communications and other activities are available at
  • Culturological, sociological researches, video recording, interview preparation, site management, photography, filming and other activities are available on

Performing Arts

VMU Arts Centre encourages students to participate in these artistic groups:

Everyone who is interested in these artistic groups is welcomed to join the regular rehearsals!