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Functions of Vytautas Magnus university Career Centre are an integral part of University‘s non-academic subdivision – Office of Student Affairs.

Students career designing in the University

Every single person, who is trying to enter university, has an interest to know what future perspectives he or she has with an obtained diploma, how his or her knowledge and practical skills will be assessed by future employers. In the university students are developing their way of thinking, participate in academic life, creative activities, acquire real skills and (or) voluntary experience. All these together, are helping for students to understand, how theoretical knowledge, which was gathered in university, may be used in their professional activities.  In order to help students not to get lost among individual career opportunities, it was established the Career Centre of Vytautas Magnus university.

Operational activities of VMU Career Centre:

  • Services of career planning for students and graduates, monitoring of their career development and data analysis.
  • Cooperation with academic and non-academic subdivisions of the University, employers and graduates.
  • Implementation of university’s volunteers and mentors programmes, coordination of organisations and informal development of other students’ competences.

Services for students that are provided by VMU Career centre:

  • Personalised career counselling;
  • Assistance in preparation of Curriculum vitae (CV), motivational letter;
  • Assistance in preparation for a job, practice or voluntary  activities interviews;
  • Various events on career counselling: practical seminars, lectures, meetings with employers, “Career days”, etc.
  • Proposals for practices, voluntary or job places;

Services of VMU Career Centre, that are provided for organisers of job/practice/volunteering activities:

  • Career counselling events: “Career days”, lectures, meetings, etc.
  • Public proposals in the university of practices, volunteering or job places;
  • Mediation to make contacts with responsible department of the university and enterprise/organisation/institution.