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VMU Bachelor of Business Administration, traveller, businessman.

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Making dreams
come true

VMU: More Than a Specialty. Živilė “Jazzyvile” Povilaitytė: BA graduate in English Philology at VMU, singer, songwriter, and composer

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Thinking Green

VMU. Go Green! Do your part to help nature.

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Open to the world

VMU collaborates with over 330 universities and research centres around the world. Enjoy the student exchange!

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Openness, dialogue, attention to everyone, and tolerance: these are the values upheld by VMU.

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and unique

Multitude of foreign languages, basketball victories, experienced lecturers, and the freedom to choose what you want to study.

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Jonas Mačiulis, Paulius Jankūnas, Mantas Kalnietis and other famous basketball players have studied here. Why not join them?

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Liberal arts university. You can choose your lectures and make your own schedule.

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Oxford Lecturer to Discuss Arranged Marriages
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On Thursday 18 September, 11.15 a.m., Dr Robert Parkin from the Institute of Social and Cultural Anthropology, University of Oxford will hold a public lecture at VMU Building No. 3 (52 K. Donelaičio Str., Room 521) entitled Arranged Marriages: Whose Choice and Why? Reflections on the Principles Underlying Spouse Selection Worldwide.

Ukrainians Pursue European Education at VMU
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As the turmoil in Ukraine continues and the country‘s future is as uncertain as ever, its students look for opportunities beyond the border: not just in the West, but in the southernmost Baltic state as well. Lately there’s been an upsurge in Ukrainian youths coming to Lithuania to improve their English or professional skills and taste a different culture.

Conference to Focus on Lithuanian-Polish Relations
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International interdisciplinary scientific conference “The Dynamics of the Lithuanian-Polish Relations“ is organized by Vytautas Magnus University Adam Mickiewicz’s Club of Polish Language and Culture in Kaunas, Lithuania on the 19th of September in 2014.