The universities as we know them are transforming. By discovering new activities, initiatives or partnerships and expanding their geographic and cultural horizons, they are changing their traditional identity, becoming more open, and seeking a closer dialogue with all members of society. In this new reality of higher education, 10 European universities and 1 associated partner have united to form the Transform4Europe Alliance to design and implement visions of the future together. Using their best practices and methods, all the while discovering new initiatives, the alliance aims to creatively and innovatively transform areas of studies, research, and community life.  

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VMU Talk Show: Diary of Transform4Europe


Registration for T4EU Course Offer at BA Level

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About us


For BA, MA and PhD students

  • International modules of BA studies
  • Joint online mobility centre
  • Conferences, supplementary training and lectures
  • Joint online entrepreneurship centre
  • Create your own business plan
  • Summer schools and the Festival of European Culture
  • Foreign language courses
  • Discover the Ambassador Programme
  • Other
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For staff


  • Programme of partnership in scientific research and projects, joint laboratories
  • Conferences, summer schools and other events
  • Chair Exchange programme

Professional development:

  • Professional Development Academy
  • Joint online mobility centre
  • Award for the Most Innovative Lecturer
  • Foreign language courses
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For businesses and social partners

  • Joint scientific research, projects, innovations and transformation laboratories
  • Events and lectures
  • Invite a scientist
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Transform4Europe Facts

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Let’s talk:

(If you have questions about mobility or cooperation opportunities, upcoming events, document submission etc., let’s talk)

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