VMU Talk Show Host Jaq Greenspon Introduced VMU Studies


This time on the VMU talk show Transforming the Academic Universe, its host, VMU lecturer Jaq Greenspon introduces those considering university studies to the mind-blowing world of Vytautas Magnus University and the Transform4Europe Alliance and their unique perks.

Jaq Greenspon provides an overview of the various strengths of VMU and T4EU: from the cutting-edge technologies in studies and the multicultural fiesta with students from all over the globe to the state of the art labs and other tools that will unleash your full potential.

„Get ready for a wild academic ride! VMU is the place where champions grow. If you’re a fresh grad in search of the academic adventure of a lifetime, Vytautas Magnus University in Kaunas, Lithuania is calling your name louder than your mom when she found out you forgot to take out the trash”, Greenspon says, playfully introducing the university.

In the VMU talk show, Transforming the Academic Universe, you can get better acquainted with Vytautas Magnus University and the European university alliance Transform4Europe. Twelve fun talk show episodes with great hosts and intriguing guests will allow you to find out more: what is Transform4Europe, what possibilities it offers for students and employees, why VMU is a great choice for studies, what singles out VMU from other universities, and various other interesting details.

You can watch the talk show with Lithuanian or English subtitles.

The previous show with Prof. Ineta Dabašinskienė, the institutional coordinator of Transform4Europe, is available here.

We will present more great episodes with new guests and hosts soon – watch this space.

Project “Strengthening the international competitiveness of VMU in the Transform4Europe Alliance of European Universities” (No. 10-005-P-0005).

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