VMU Talk Show. Jaq Greenspon’s tips for students


This time on the VMU talk show Transforming the Academic Universe, the host Jaq Greenspon is sharing his advice for VMU students who are diving into the multifaceted world of the university: the melting pot of international friendships, free sports activities, Encouragement Scholarships, career consultations, psychological services, mentoring, and a wide variety of university clubs that unite likeminded people.

“Whether it’s basketball, football, or underwater basket weaving—because why not—there’s a sports club with your name on it. And for those who want to be the rulers of their own domains? You can start your own club! Let’s talk about your future, because adulting is hard. VMU has career consultations to help you navigate the job market like a boss. They’ll transform you from a lost puppy to a career ninja”, Greenspon said, adding that student life is like a choose-your-own-adventure book in which everyone can write their own epic chapter.

In the VMU talk show, Transforming the Academic Universe, you can get better acquainted with Vytautas Magnus University and the European university alliance Transform4Europe. Twelve fun talk show episodes with great hosts and intriguing guests will allow you to find out more: what is Transform4Europe, what possibilities it offers for students and employees, why VMU is a great choice for studies, what singles out VMU from other universities, and various other interesting details.

You can watch the talk show with Lithuanian or English subtitles.

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We will present more great episodes with new guests and hosts soon – watch this space.

Project “Strengthening the international competitiveness of VMU in the Transform4Europe Alliance of European Universities” (No. 10-005-P-0005).

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