The DON@ Project’s Multiplier Event focuses on Student Integration


On April 22, 2024, VMU’s DON@ team representatives organized the International Multiplier Event for the DON@ Donation Opportunities for Newcomer Students project. The event occurred during International Staff Week 2024, bringing together academic and administrative attendees from various universities and countries. The meeting gathered representatives from Japan, Ukraine, Argentina, Taiwan, Kazakhstan, Indonesia, Kenya, Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, South Korea, Italy, Turkey, Mauritius, Tanzania, Armenia, Malaysia, Brazil, Moldova, and many more.

The project’s primary objective is to enhance the integration and living conditions of students with fewer opportunities by promoting mutual support, inclusion, and sustainable development. Exchange students, full-time international students, local students, non-profit organizations, and higher educational institutions will benefit from the project’s initiatives.

The DON@ Multiplier event aimed to share project results and best practices for initiating similar efforts in other universities. The attendees were provided with a set of guidelines entitled “10 Steps to Initiate the DON@ Project in Your Institution,” which aimed to furnish them with practical advice on how to implement the project within their universities or organizations. The guidelines were designed to be specific and easy to follow, providing the participants with a clear-cut roadmap for the successful implementation of the DON@ project.

The first crucial step is to research the challenges faced by students with fewer opportunities and explore past activities to raise awareness and garner initial support. Subsequent steps involve analyzing goals, considering the academic calendar, engaging different university departments and faculties for institutional backing, collaborating with local organizations, developing communication strategies, and establishing donation collection mechanisms with clear rules and storage arrangements.

During the event, VMU representatives showcased a video illustrating the project’s concept and highlighted the inaugural “Sharing is Caring” event held in August 2023. This event, part of the DON@ Donation Opportunities for Newcomers project, aimed to facilitate integration and improve living conditions for students with fewer opportunities.

The video revealed that “Sharing is Caring” events were implemented in four countries, providing incoming exchange and full-time students with essential items for their new city stays. Over 800 students participated, acquiring kitchen essentials, cleaning items, and academic and sports supplies to kick-start their academic year abroad.

The Multiplier event at Vytautas Magnus University offered a unique opportunity for 40 participants, including teachers and non-academic staff, to delve into sustainable development challenges. It raised awareness on issues related to exchange student integration, fostering inclusion and solidarity, and reducing waste and carbon footprint in universities.

All participants were encouraged to join efforts in promoting the DON@ project to reach exchange students, full-time international students, local students, student organizations, and higher education institutions. As a result, they were motivated to create a world where exchange studies abroad are boundless.

The project started in September 2022 and will last until August 2024 from the program Erasmus + KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education.

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