Platform for Items Exchange Will be Launched Within DON@ Project


Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) representatives participated in a transnational meeting held in Valencia, Spain, on November 7-8. The objective of the meeting was to discuss what has already been done and outline the next steps for developing the “DON@ – Donation Opportunities for Newcomers” project.

The project involves the creation of a digital platform for exchanging and donating items, organizing events, and disseminating guides that assist in implementing similar projects at other higher education institutions and their partners.

During the meeting, the Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV) provided a comprehensive overview of the progress in developing the digital platform for sharing donated items among students. There was a focus on refining the content and visual elements of the digital platform, and the importance of incorporating a savings calculator was emphasized.

Consequently, starting in mid-2024, exchange and full-time students will have access to a digital platform designed to streamline the exchange of items, facilitate cost savings, promote inclusion and solidarity, and reduce carbon footprint.

Moreover, the discussions encompassed various key aspects, including exchanging experiences among partners regarding implementing donation days in their institutions. In total, over 300 students took part in these events in France, Lithuania, Spain, and Greece.

During a brainstorming session, the partners evaluated the potential impact of the “DON@ – Donation Opportunities for Newcomers” project on the project staff, partner organizations, and students. They also collaboratively agreed to prepare a good practice guide and instruction manual. The meeting also discussed the use of results and impact, emphasizing the significance of these factors in optimizing the project’s outcomes.

Remarkably, on August 24th, Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) hosted “Sharing is Caring” Donation Day, bringing newcomers and international students together to embrace the spirit of giving back. During the event, almost 100 exchange and full-time students were invited to find kitchen essentials, items for cleaning, and things for studies and sports to start their new academic year and study journey in Kaunas. Read more about this event at VMU here: DON@: International Students Embrace “Sharing is Caring” Event.

The key objective of the DON@ Donation Opportunities for Newcomers project is to facilitate the integration and improvement of living conditions of students with fewer opportunities by promoting mutual support, inclusion, and sustainable development.

Three universities and three non-profit organizations are involved in the implementation of the “DON@ Donation Possibilities for Newcomers” project: INSA Rouen Normandie (France), Vytautas Magnus University (Lithuania), Universidad Politécnica de València (Spain), IASIS NGO (Greece), Erasmus Student Network France, Erasmus Student Network CosmoLyon (France).

The DON@ project implementation will enable several essential problems to be solved:

  • create a new dynamic around inclusion and solidarity in the universities
  • allow students with fewer opportunities to reduce their expenses
  • encourage mutual aid between students
  • reduce waste and carbon footprint in the universities

The project started in September 2022 and will last until August 2024 from the program Erasmus + KA220-HED – Cooperation partnerships in higher education.

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