VMU Bilateral Exchange Studies

Since 2009 Autumn semester Vytautas Magnus University established mobility scholarship for VMU students, seeking to ensure students’ mobility, to foster partnerships and retain close relations with partner universities outside the EU.

At the moment Vytautas Magnus University has over 190 bilateral collaboration agreements with universities from 52 countries of the world. During each selection for exchange period a separate list of partner universities, accepting for the semester abroad, is announced, which is published with the announcement about the contest for VMU Bilateral Exchange Studies abroad. Students who apply for this scholarship can travel to study at a university abroad for a semester or a year. The competition is announced twice a year: during the Spring and Autumn semesters.


COMPETITION FOR 2019/2020 EXCHANGE STUDIES AT non-EU COUNTRIES (Erasmus+ and VMU Bilateral Exchange) is announced!


VMU Ambassadors – international and Lithuanian students that were participants of exchange programme and that are ready to help outgoing students with their questions:


VMU Mobilitity scholarship

Group of countries Duration of Traineeship Scholarship
Countries of regions: South Asia, East Asia and Pacific; Middle East; North America; Latin America & the Caribbean 1 – 3 months 550 Eur/month
Countries of regions: Europe and Central Asia; North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa 1 – 3 months 450 Eur/month

More information about student selection and scholarship requirements can be found in The Description of Mobility Scholarship Award Order at Vytautas Magnus University.

Selection Requirements

Twice a year, in Spring and Autumn semesters, the contest to be awarded with VMU Mobility Scholarship is organized. Students with great academical performance, without academic debts and not on the academic hold of I-IVth year of Bachelor or I-IInd year of Master degree are able to apply. Eligibility of candidates is decided on the following requirements:

  • Compatibility of  VMU study programme with study / research plan at accepting higher education institution abroad
  • Results of two previous semesters with result not lower than average of 8. All students of 1st year of studies are evaluated by the academic performance of their first semester of studies. In case if it does not yet exist – results in previous education institution are evaluated
  • Great level of foreign language lectures at foreign institution will be held in
  • Motivation
  • Additional academic, professional or social activities in Lithuania or abroad
  • Ability to solve problems independently

More Information is available at International Cooperation Department

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