Starting on 30th of September, VMU will be celebrating the upcoming Erasmus days! The #ERASMUSDAYS will give you an opportunity to learn about the exchange programmes, to participate in different contests, talk with Exchange coordinators and listen to a podcast with former exchange students who will be happy to share their experiences with you!

We are INVITING Vytautas Magnus University students to participate in the INTERNATIONAL COOPERATION DEPARTMENT‘S MASCOT CREATING CONTEST!

We encourage YOU who want to and who can graphically create a unique, wonderful, funny MASCOT and originally depict VMU internationality, mobility, and exciting exchange spirit. We will choose the best work posted on our site www.vdu.lt , and will be used in creating VMU, ICD, and Erasmus+ merchandise. The owner of the best result will be rewarded with wonderful prizes.

For the contest you need:

  1. A great mood and original ideas
  2. To graphically create an original MASCOT
  3. To give the MASCOT an unforgettable name

Send your work to erasmus@vdu.lt until 14th October 2020.

The results will be posted on 15th October.

The winner will also be informed via email.

We wish you bright ideas and hope that you will participate!