On September 21–23 join Erasmus Days’21 during which you will be able to find out more about exchange opportunities. The events will allow you to learn about the mobility opportunities, hear about experiences of other students, and join various interesting and meaningful initiatives. During these three days full of both online and on-site events, students will share their experiences, meals, participate in competitions, hike, watch movies and do other fun and exciting things.


Photo Contest “My Exchange Story“

We would like to invite you to participate in „My Exchange story“ photo contest organised by VMU International Cooperation department for the upcoming Erasmus+ Days.

To participate in this contest you have to:

1) Be a current VMU student or Alumni who has participated in one of the exchange programmes offered by VMU;

2) Upload a picture from your exchange to “VMU on exchange” group.

Deadline: October 13th, 2021

The winner will be announced on the 15th of October.

Competition of Stories from Student Exchange “You are not going to believe what has happened to me!”

Everyone knows that international exchange is an endless source of fun stories, so share yours! Got lost in a new city, learned how to juggle swords, took a tram to the opposite direction than intended or ordered the wrong item from the menu because of miscommunication? Share a short story (up to 100 words) about your adventures on exchange or as a foreigner in Lithuania and a picture (losely from that period), and the most liked story will get a great prize! We reserve to the right to award extra prizes, if we find more stories hilarious.

Deadline: October 13th, 2021

Send your short stories to erasmus@vdu.lt 

The winner will be announced on the 15th of October.

 First Kaunas, Next - The World!

Hike with Erasmus+

Have you grown tired of seeing the same places and the same people? Do wish to liven up your academic life? Then exchange is the answer for you! But how would you fare in new country and unknown surroundings? There is a way to find out! Come to a hike around Kaunas with us. Get to know the city and your peers better, enjoy mesmerizing views and complete fun tasks with your new friends. First, we will conquer Kaunas, then we will challenge the world! Are you ready for this?

We will be waiting for you at 17:00 on September 21st.

Meeting place: Putvinskio g. 23, first floor lobby.

ESN VMU together with VMU International Cooperation Department are inviting students to share their love with animals that were once abandoned, but now are learning to love themselves and everyone around them once again.
With donations of food and the most needed items, together we can support animal residents of "Stebuklingi draugai" (Magic Friends) organisation. From 20th of September till 14th of October, you can find special boxes in V.Putvinskio g. 23 (VMU building) and Baltija Dormitory to leave your donations. Not sure what to give? Please find the list bellow:
  • canned dog and cat food;
  • toys for animals - balls, etc.,
  • treats for animals;
  • combs, brushes and similar products;
  • flea and tick treatments

Erasmus+ with a Cup of Coffee

During VMU Erasmus Days, VMU International Cooperation Department invites all students to come for a different format of consultation on exchange opportunities. Students participating in Erasmus+ days will learn more about the opportunities offered by Erasmus+ programme while enjoying a cup of coffee. Moreover, each student will get all the information they need about the exchange programmes, the best tips and recommendations from the coordinators. We promise fun conversations, good emotions, great atmosphere and snacks!

Movie Night

Join us for the Movie Night of Erasmus Days where you will be able to choose from three different movies and the winner of your affections will be screened in the evening. Snacks and drinks will be provided, so don’t hesitate and let's meet on September 22!

Join the unforgettable closing event of “Erasmus Days” and take the opportunity to meet VMU students from all over the world!

“International Dinner” is a special occasion to experience different cultures through stories, meals, music, and traditional entertainment.

Do not miss your chance and register to the event!

VMU alumna and current participants of exchange programmes are here to help!
Our Ambassadors will provide consultations to the ones who are interested in studies or traineeships abroad.
Here you can find a list of students who have already experienced exchange programmes and also those, who came to study on exchange at VMU. Find the university or the country that you are interested in and receive the best guidance!

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