Join us online on the 17,18,19th of February for Erasmus Days’21 where exchange opportunities will be promoted. During this virtual event we will present exchange opportunities, students will share their unique experiences, you will have an exclusive opportunity to learn foreign languages and learn more about different cultures. Stay tuned and follow the news on VMU International 


Haven't decided your next destination? We are here to help you!

Join us and learn about all the opportunities for VMU students. Coordinators of the International Cooperation Department will present the exchange opportunities in EU/EEA and non EU/EEA countries, international traineeships and much more!


17th of February - 10 a.m. (in Lithuanian); 2 p.m. (in English)

18th of February - 1 p.m. (in Lithuanian)

19th of February - 2 p.m. (in English)

Meeting place: ac.vdu.lt/trd

As a part of its Erasmus Days'21, The International Cooperation Department organises the postcard swapping initiative, and EVERYONE is invited!

The rules are simple:
1. Register to the initiative by February 22 23.59, include your very accurate post address. If you are in Lithuania, we will match you with someone outside of Lithuania. If you are abroad, you will receive a card from our wonderful snowy Lithuania (or maybe not? Be open to surprises!), so you send a card and receive a card.

2. Take a picture of your card, and send it to us at erasmus@vdu.lt. It will appear on VMU International Facebook and Instagram pages with a hashtag #BestwishesVMU. Postcards to receive the most likes will receive, appreciation, lots of compliments and prizes!

P.S. If you want to share your postcard with our ICD team you can send your postcard at International Cooperation Department, Vytautas Magnus University, Putvinskio g. 23, Kaunas, 44212, LIETUVA (LITHUANIA)

Registration form

Have you ever wanted to learn a foreign language, maybe expand your knowledge about a specific world region? Well, now you can!
Your window of opportunity opens during VMU ErasmusDays’21 (to take place from February 17 to 19), during which you will be able to attend short lessons of a certain language and culture.

During courses you will have a great chance to learn Albanian, French, Belarusian, Georgian, German, Italian, Japanese, Pashto and more! So choose your language and register here.

VMU International Cooperation Department challenges VMU community to use humor addressing these sometimes seemingly never ending pandemic times. Yes, you have heard us correctly, we are organizing our first ever Meme-Contest! We are expecting for you to get creative and show us what great artists you are. The memes should focus on Erasmus+ and other exchange programmes, and should help to promote the programmes, but more than anything, the memes should be funny and relatable!

We have interesting prizes for the winners and surely great amounts of laughs ahead of us. So keep on reading!

Official contest dates

Contest starts: 2nd of February, RIGHT NOW!

Contest finishes: 22nd of February.

All memes are shared on social media for the jury: 23rd of February.

Announcement of all winners: 9th of March

Rules of the event

  • How to participate: it’s as simple as it gets! You only need to produce a meme (see the example below) and send it to erasmus@vdu.lt or to VMU International on Facebook or Instagram.
  • You can participate with one entry only.
  • The meme has to be related to Erasmus+, VMU mobility programme or other exchanges possibilities.
  • Can I submit animated memes (videos, gifs)? Not this time, please stick to the images for this contest.
  • Please make sure your submissions are in good resolution!
  • IMPORTANT – Content of the meme: since this the predominant purpose of this contest is the entertaining one, a fine level of humor is required, therefore make sure the meme is funny, however, also make sure it’s respectful and non-offensive.
  • Please, do not plagiarize copyrighted content – if we believe your creation is not completely new, we will not accept your entry! Of course you can get inspiration from other memes but there is always a big difference between inspiration and plagiarism.
  • Example of a submission:​

This time our speakers are Gintarė and Lukas.

Gintarė is a recent graduate of Biotechnology bachelor degree study programme, who has carried out an “Erasmus+” recent graduate traineeship in Estonia.

Lukas is a master degree student of East Asia region studies, who has completed study exchange programme in Japan.

Tune in to hear their stories!


VMU alumna and current participants of exchange programmes are here to help!
Our Ambassadors will provide consultations to the ones who are interested in studies or traineeships abroad.
Here you can find a list of students who have already experienced exchange programmes and also those, who came to study on exchange at VMU. Find the university or the country that you are interested in and receive the best guidance!

More information