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At the moment, Vytautas Magnus University has over 200 Memorandums of Understanding with universities from 41 countries of the world.

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VMU mobility scholarship

Since 2009 Autumn semester Vytautas Magnus University established a mobility scholarship for VMU students, seeking to ensure students’ mobility, foster partnerships, and retain close relations with partner universities outside the EU.

During each selection for the exchange period, a separate list of partner universities, accepting for the semester abroad, is announced, which is published with the announcement about the contest for VMU Bilateral Exchange Studies abroad. Students who apply for this scholarship can travel to study at a university abroad for a semester or a year. The competition is announced twice a year: during the Spring and Autumn semesters.

VMU Mobilitity scholarship

Group of countries Duration of Traineeship Scholarship
Countries of regions: South Asia, East Asia and Pacific; Middle East; North America; Latin America & the Caribbean 1 – 3 months 550 Eur/month
Countries of regions: Europe and Central Asia; North Africa and Sub-Saharan Africa 1 – 3 months 450 Eur/month

More information about student selection and scholarship requirements can be found in The Description of Mobility Scholarship Award Order at Vytautas Magnus University.


Students should be with great academical performance, without academic debts and not on the academic hold. Participants can be from I-IVth year of Bachelor or I-IInd year of Master degree. Eligibility of candidates is decided on the following requirements:

  • Compatibility of  VMU study programme with study / research plan at accepting higher education institution abroad
  • Results of two previous semesters with result not lower than average of 8. All students of 1st year of studies are evaluated by the academic performance of their first semester of studies. In case if it does not yet exist - results in previous education institution are evaluated
  • Great level of foreign language lectures at foreign institution will be held in
  • Motivation
  • Additional academic, professional or social activities in Lithuania or abroad
  • Ability to solve problems independently

Selection for VMU Bilateral Exchange studies abroad is made of two stages:

On the Ist stage students are invited to fill in the online application form (Application form for non-EU exchange studies (bilateral and Erasmus+ exchange)), where the following information has to be provided:

  • General information
  • Motivation letter
  • Description of additional activities

When applying it is highly recommended to have a primary list of study subjects of accepting partner institution abroad matching student's study programme at VMU.

IInd stage of the selection is interview with the commission members, which is organized within 2 weeks after the deadline of the first stage.

Final results are announced within a week after the end of the second stage of the selection.

Information for selected students

After the final list of selected students is announced, candidates are contacted by coordinator of International Cooperation Department (ICD), who assigned to every student according to the destination country. Coordinator helps the student to prepare and submit documents meeting the criteria of accepting institution and do that on time. Meanwhile selected student commits to:

  • Check compatibility of study subjects, selected to study at the accepting institution abroad, with your academic adviser at the faculty’s department of the student
  • Fill in and submit request for a Dean to your coordinator at ICD
  • Fill in and submit information sheet for financial agreement to your coordinator at ICD
  • Visit the assigned ICD coordinator for signing Financial and Bilateral Exchange Study Agreements

During the period abroad the student has to inform his department of the faculty as well as coordinators at ICD in case if the list of subjects he chose to study at accepting institution. Student must inform his faculty‘s department and his coordinator at ICD by filling in and forwarding the form for Learning Agreement changes.
In the middle of his period abroad student has to fill in the online report. Only after it is completed successfully the remaining part of VMU Bilateral Exchange scholarship is paid (20 %).
During the entire period abroad students are encouraged to stay active VMU ambassadors, taking chances to promote the university and opportunities it does provide. Students are kindly invited to share visual, written or any other kind of impressions of the Exchange abroad by forwarding them to international@vdu.lt

After the period abroad student commits to:

  • Present the Period Statement signed by the accepting institution to ICD, where the dates provided must match the ones in financial agreement signed before the mobility
  • Ensure that the Transcript of Records would be emailed directly to ICD
  • Visit the department of VMU faculty for credits’ recognition

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