Learning Lithuanian

Before visiting Lithuania you may want to learn how to say “hello”, “thank you”, “how could I find this and that” or maybe even more – to keep up a conversation in one of the oldest language in the world – Lithuanian.

Lithuanian Learning Possibilities

More Useful Information:

Students coming to Lithuania for studies or traineeship can participate in Lithuanian Language and Culture Summer Course. The course (including trips and excursions) is free of charge for Erasmus+ programme students. Find more information about the course HERE.

To assist you with learning Lithuanian language we offer you to try some of the learning tools available online:

Few Most Important Words
Thank you Ačiū [ˈaːtʃʲu]
Hello! Labas! [ˈla:bas]
Excuse me Atsiprašau [atsɪpraˈʃaw]
I do not understand (Lithuanian) Aš nesuprantu (lietuviškai) [aʃ nɛsupran‘tu lɪetuvɪʃkaɪ]
Hi Labas [ˈla:bas]
Goodbye Viso gero [ˈvɪso: ˈgæːro:]
See you! Iki! [ɪˈkɪ]
How are you? Kaip sekasi? [kaɪp ˈseːkasɪ]
Sorry/excuse me Atsiprašau [atsɪpraˈʃaw]
Please Prašom [ˈpra: ʃo:m]
Yes Taip [taɪp]
No Ne [nɛ]
Cheers! Į sveikatą! [iː svɛɪˈka:ta:]
Where is the toilet? Kur tualetas? [kʊr tuoˈlɛtas]
What is your name? Koks tavo vardas? [ko:ks ˈtavo: ˈvardas]
How to find …? Kaip rasti …? [kaip rasˈtɪ]
Do you speak English? Ar jūs kalbate angliškai? [ar ju:s ˈkalbatɛ ˈa:nglɪʃkai]
I do not know Nežinau [nɛʒɪˈnau]