Liberal Study System of VMU

VMU offers enjoyable environment for studies at all levels of university education as students arrange their schedule for the lectures (the study plan) according to the requirements of the chosen study programme and their own intentions.

The BA level subjects are divided into three groups: A, B and C. Group A consists of introductory courses to various branches of science and areas. They are divided into 4 subgroups (Biomedical and Physical Sciences, Humanities, Social Sciences, Arts) and Foreign Languages group. During the first 2 years one has to choose at least one subject from all 4 subgroups.

During BA level studies, a lot of attention is paid to teaching foreign languages. Students are offered the opportunity to study languages at the Centre of Foreign Languages. VMU students have to reach level C1 of the English language and acquire the basics in computer literacy, if they do not have them as obligatory subjects.

The Group B comprises the subjects which are chosen freely. Group C consists of the subjects of the student’s chosen study programme (speciality).