Why VMU?

Vytautas Magnus University has set itself the task of putting people and their personal dignity first, which entails recognition of their achievements and individuality; showing openness to, and toleration of, various cultures and worldviews; achieving leadership positions in research and teaching of the humanities, social sciences, physical sciences, and biomedicine; developing international networks and intercultural communications; fostering international studies in the Lithuanian language; becoming relevant to challenges facing world universities; and promoting innovative research and modern teaching.

The University is proud of its creative and enthusiastic community – these are students and academics who feel free to communicate as equals, cooperate and not only share what they know but also generate new knowledge.

As of 2019, international or foreign students are offered 16 BA and 28 MA full-time degree studies. Studies at VMU are offered by 10 faculties and 2 academies. Aside from the impressive 34 BA and MA full-time degree programmes in English, together they offer over 90 degree programmes, as well as integrated studies of law and postgraduate and doctoral programmes.