Mentor’s programme – for local students

Launched back in 2003 by VMU International Cooperation Department, the Mentor’s programme community helps incoming students from abroad to adapt to Lithuania not only by providing them the most common information about the country itself but also by teaching students about Lithuania’s culture, university life, and many other things.
The VMU Mentor’s community is like a family which is becoming bigger and stronger each year while being driven by the “students helping students” lifestyle.

Become a mentorMentorship step by step

Who is VMU mentor?

VMU Mentor is a local (Lithuanian or foreign full-time) student who has motivation, international and intercultural experience, and voluntarily helps the incoming foreign students.

Mentor’s duties

Mentors should not forget that even though this programme can give a lot of benefits, it is also requiring a big responsibility and commitment.

To ensure that this programme works well and gives the benefits to both sides (mentor and international students), VMU International Cooperation Department expects that members of this programme will:

  • Communicate and work in a team with other mentors, VMU International Cooperation Department coordinators and members of ESN VMU;
  • Share the information and will talk not only about the good but also unpleasant things, which are connected to VMU International students, other mentors and the programme itself;
  • Solve the problems in a constructive way, will react fast and help international students to solve problems;
  • Have responsibility and will take care with the assigned students as well as keep on mentors’ duties;
  • Be tolerant towards the other students and mentors despite the cultural differences;
  • Share their ideas on how to improve VMU Mentor’s Programme, plan additional activities;
  • Keep on full confidentiality of students’ personal data (use of contact or any other information of foreign students or other mentors outside the VMU Mentor’s Programme is strictly prohibited!).

Mentors should also understand that each international student has individual needs. Some students might have higher expectations towards the mentor than the others. That is why mentors should not forget that they do not have to:

  • Have all the answers to all possible questions and be an advisor in all the possible matters;
  • Solve all the problems of the assigned international student;
  • Be available 24/7;
  • Do the homework for the international students;
  • Find other living place in case student is unhappy with the life in the dormitory.

Become a mentor (currently unavailable)

Mentorship “Step by Step”

Became a mentor? You want to start but don’t know how to do it? Here you will find the main steps that every mentor should follow.

Mentors who have received international student’s contact information and preliminary arrival times must contact their students as soon as possible. Present yourself, ask whether the student wishes to be met at the Kaunas Airport, Kaunas Bus or Train Stations, find out the exact date and time of student’s arrival, agree on how you will identify each other, inquire what kind of help he or she needs.

Mentors have to send an email to VMU Mentor's coordinator if the assigned student does not reply. Clarify the date and time of student’s arrival so that he or she has the opportunity to move into the dormitory upon the arrival.

Mentors have to meet international students after their arrival to Kaunas Airport, Bus or Train Stations (mentors are not obligated to meet students at Vilnius city). A mentor who is not able to do this must seek for help of the other mentors.

If others can not meet the student, the mentor must inform the Mentor's Coordinator at VMU International Cooperation Department in advance and inform the international students so that they do not expect to be picked up. If this happens, please send the instructions to students on how they can reach VMU Dormitory or other place of their residence. If students come to Vilnius, mentors must provide information on how to reach Kaunas and to meet them in here.

After picking-up international students, mentors must accompany them to their place of residence. International students who study in Kaunas are offered with an accommodation in VMU Dormitory No. 2 ("Baltija"), address: Vytauto pr. 71 and VMU Dormitory No. 5, address: Universiteto g. 8, Akademija. Students who are studying in Vilnius are offered with an accommodation in VMU Dormitory No. 6 "Vivulskis", address: A. Vivulskio 36.

Rooms are assigned depending on the expressed preferences of international students to live with representatives of the same or another country. Students who did not receive an accommodation in the dormitory have to find a place to stay individually. Most of them might search for a room/ apartment to rent.

In this case, VMU International Cooperation Department advises students to choose long term rent at the R-Hostel, “Studijų namai”, "Student House Solo Society" or “1Home”.

All information about VMU dormitories:

Depending on the time when students arrive, it is important not only to take them to the residence place but also to show the most important places which might be necessary. Make sure that students whose mentor you are know where they can find a grocery store, bank, VMU International Cooperation Department, etc.

After the arrival mentors must take their students to VMU International Cooperation Department to register. Each student receives information about the individual time of registration in the University (this information is also provided to mentors).

During this meeting students receive the most important information about studies, Orientation Days’ programme, study order and receive the answers to the most relevant questions. If student comes after the Orientation Days and does not have an assigned time for the meeting, mentors should bring them to the Office straight after their arrival during the working hours of the Department.

During the semester while International students are studying at VMU, mentors must stay in contact with them and on regular basis ask them how they are doing, whether they need help.

If students face any kind of problems, mentors should try to help them solve it. In case you don‘t know how to do it, you can address students’ questions to other mentors by writing a post to mentors group or by asking Mentor‘s Coordinator at VMU International Cooperation Department. Don't provide answers to questions if you're not 100% sure about it.

Depending on the personal availability and timing mentors are invited to join the Orientation Days’ activities, help to organize the excursion around the university and Kaunas as well as other events.