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Information updated 14:00, 6th October, 2020.

Prevention Measures and Actions against Coronavirus at Vytautas Magnus University

In order to prevent the emergence of COVID-19 and its possible spread in Lithuania, VMU calls on its community to be public-spirited and socially responsible, to carry out all actions specified by the National Public Health Center under the Ministry of Health, and to keep up-to-date with information about the virus and its prevention.

Since the health of the community’s members is one of VMU’s top priorities, the studies during this autumn semester will be organized both remotely as well as in lecture rooms. The following changes have been approved: lectures of all A group subjects as well as lectures where the number of students is 100 or more will be held remotely. All other activities will take place in the university’s spaces, in accordance with safety recommendations. If 2-metre distance is not maintained between people in lecture rooms and other learning premises or during events in closed spaces, the participating adult individuals must wear personal protective equipment which covers their nose and mouth (face masks, respirators or other items).

Academic and non-academic staff will work in the university’s spaces until a different ruling is made by the government of Lithuania.

Please remember that events in closed spaces must be organised while upholding the principle of isolated groups, whereas in open spaces a distance of no less than 1 metre must be maintained between participants. If the weather conditions are favourable, events should be planned to take place in the open spaces of the university: the VMU Botanical Garden, courtyards of the faculties, territory of VMU Agriculture Academy etc.

I kindly ask everyone to be mindful of the situation and follow the recommendations that help us remain healthy and reduce the risk of coronavirus infection: maintain a safe physical distance during lectures and seminars, sit in every other seat, wear protective equipment covering nose and mouth (face masks, respirators or other items), wash hands regularly and, if you feel symptoms of cold or other infectious diseases, stay home.


If you have any questions regarding the changes in the study organisation process at VMU in relation to COVID-19, please submit them to the email

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Ramarao G

Sir/Ma'am, Good Morning. Our daughter in the process of admission at VTU this year from India. Will you please advise next course of action for us to follow? Thanking you in advance, thanks and regards Ramarao Nanda

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